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dinner ideas for picky eaters

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-21

Tasty, tangy and healthy food that kids will gulp down without much persuasion - is what dinner ideas for picky eaters is all about. Mothers want to include a lot of veggies, protein and pulses but they have to keep the inconsistent taste buds of their kids in mind as well. Well, there is a mid way out, try out a few recipes which will take care of your kid’s nutrition needs and will taste like heaven! 5 zingy dinner ideas for picky eaters For children, both nutrition and taste are important, and if you know how to serve good food in the right manner, they will not take more than a few minutes to gulp it down. You can even experiment and create scrumptious recipes of your own. So, here are five of the best choices for dinner ideas for picky eaters: • Cheese spinach cakes: Packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals these cakes made of cheese, spinach, butter and eggs is an ideal dinner for kids. Serve with some tangy sauce and watch them empty their plates in no time at all. • Mixed Salads: A few chopped veggies, some boiled macaroni, grated cheese and mayonnaise, lettuce leaves and white sauce can be a great dinner time snack. It can be served as both filler and a full meal depending on your child’s appetite. • Fish cake sandwich: All you need to make this delicious dinner pack is a few pieces of sandwich bread and cooked fish cake. Just dump the fish cakes on one slice of the bread, along with lettuce, sauce and onions – and you have your homemade sandwich ready. • Veg Pizza: Of course, how can you miss out on this all time favourite, home cooked, veg pizza. Kids just dig into this. Serve this once in every three days and dinner recipe confusions are fixed for a while. • Burritos: Steamed brown rice mixed with some fried fresh veggies, wrapped in wheat tortilla makes for tasty and healthy rolls. Is your kid choosy about their meals? And, you’re worried about their health? Read on to learn more about tasty and nutritious dinner ideas for picky eaters.

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