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different ways of parenting

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-02

Raising children has continuously been a challenge to parents. Parenting is the procedure of nurturing and educating a child from birth until maturity. Children learn how to become grownups from the parents. In today’s world, every child wanted to be loved. All parents should have the ability to raise their children. Parents have a lot of responsibilities and have to make difficult decisions. Children are needed to be educated in the best way because they are the future of the world. In the development of children’s features, parenting plays an important role. Most of the parents, want their children to become independent and able to survive the world. There are commonly four parenting styles. They are authoritative, indulgent, authoritarian, and neglectful parenting. In Authoritarian parenting, parents have strict rules, more demanding and not responding, employ punishments and do not give any choices to children. The children of authoritarian parents are obedient; some are aggressive outside home while some feel fearful and shy around others and are lower self-esteem. . In Authoritative parenting, parents listen to their children, inspire independence, allow children to express opinions and ideas and manage discipline. The children of authoritative parents have the cheerier nature, have good emotional control, have social skills and are self-confident. In Indulgent parenting, parents have some inconsistent rules, love towards kids and seem like a friend. The children of indulgent parents, lack self-disciplines, poor social skills, demanding and feel insecure due to lack of help. . In Neglectful parenting, parents are distant from their children, offer no supervision, show little affection towards children, have no demands and intentionally avoid their children. In conclusion, good parenting produces an incredible influence on the conduct, studying result and good health of a child. During the premature age, children cannot take care of themselves, and they request great care from their family. Each parent should keep in minds their level and educate their children systematically.

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