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diablo iii reaper of souls level 1 70

Posted: 2015-02-15

It's finally here! Season 2 of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls! With season 2 comes fresh new seasonal characters that need grinding up to level 70. If you have no friends that have already climbed their way up to 70 to power level you, an easy option is available. All you have to do is, ideally with a full party, repeat Act 1 bounties over and over. When starting out at level 1, it is more efficient to bump the difficulty up to hard as you go from 0% bonus experience to 75% bonus experience. If you get a good legendary drop early and have decent DPS, you can bump up to Master difficulty for a while until the efficiency seems to be wearing off. While completing these bounties, you will be getting the rift keys necessary to farm up decent gear while you level. This will prepare you so that, right when you hit 70, you can jump into rifts to boost paragon level and gear up. That's all there is to leveling from 1-70! I wish you luck in Season 2 of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls! See you in the rifts!

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