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diablo iii reaper of souls greater rift manipulation

Posted: 2015-02-15

Manipulating Greater Rifts in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls allows you to effectively farm your legendary gems. This manipulation is very easy but in return quite time consuming. Here's what you do. During the trials of your first Greater Rift, do not kill a thing. This will place you in level 1 of the Greater Rifts, which is what you want. Now clear all the mobs until the Rift Guardian spawns. Right when the Rift Guardian spawns, what you want to do is check the timer to see the time remaining and teleport back to town. During your time at town you can check your social media websites or talk to friends while you wait. When the the timer is roughly 4 minutes left in the Rift, return to the Rift and kill the Guardian. The premise of this manipulation is that you defeat each level intentionally slow to go up only 1 level. Simply rinse and repeat this strategy. This will allow you to easily receive all of the legendary gems you need to gear up.

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