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diabetes mellitus what you should know

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-06

Diabetes mellitus which is normally known as diabetes is a group of diseases where an individual has high blood sugar (glucose) levels. Causes may differ, it can be because of insufficient production of insulin or the body cells are not responding properly with insulin. Whatever the reason, too much sugar (glucose) may lead to serious health problems. Usually, blood sugar levels are controlled by the insulin, which is a hormone generated by the pancreas. The insulin is responsible for lowering the blood sugar levels. Once the blood sugar elevates, the insulin will be released by the pancreas to make the sugar levels normal. With individuals with diabetes, the insufficient or lack of production of insulin causes the blood sugar higher. Diabetes Mellitus is known to be a chronic medical condition, although can be controlled, bit it will last for a lifetime. Diabetes Type 1 In Type 1 diabetes, the patientís body usually does not generate insulin. This type is also referred as insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes. For individuals with diabetes type 1, the beta cells from their pancreas which is responsible for producing insulin were attacked by undirected immune system, resulting to lack or insufficient production of insulin. Diabetes type 1 can be caused by environmental factors or genetic susceptibility, however, it is still unclear if what exactly are the factors that causes the disease. Diabetes Type 2 In Type 2 Diabetes, the individuals suffering with diabetes type 2 produce insulin. However, their pancreas is not producing enough insulin or their bodies could not use insulin properly. This type of diabetes is also known as non-insulin-dependent diabetes and the most common type of diabetes. Once the body does not have enough insulin or the insulin is not used properly, the sugar will not get into the body cells, and will build up into the blood instead of going straight to the cells, which causes the body cells not to function properly. Treatment Individuals with diabetes type 1 are normally treated with insulin injections accompanied with proper exercise and diet. Individuals with diabetes type 2 are normally treated by medicine tablets accompanied with proper exercise and diet. However, there are some cases that insulin injections are needed.

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