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Daily Dose of Protein

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-07-25

Protein is a basic nutrient component for growth and maintenance of everybody's muscular structure. We get the proteins which our body demands through the every day nutrition. Meat can get you the biggest amount of natural protein, fish is the finest protein, and beef is a quality protein with low amount of fat.

Proteins could be founded in bean, milk, eggs, but that might not satisfy your daily needs of protein if you're a person who does high-intensity work.

How much protein do I need?

If you�re not highly dynamic person and you have an office job or you don�t have high recreational endurance, recommended dose of protein is 1g per kg of bodyweight. If you do your workouts daily and have high recreational endurance, you need 1.8 g per kg of bodyweight. For heavy lifters 2g per kg of bodyweight should satisfy protein needs. Professionals should start with 2g per kg of bodyweight, but if your body can absorb more protein, increase your dose to 3g per kg of bodyweight.

What kinds of protein supplements exist?

There are all kinds of protein supplements, but every expert would recommend a whey based protein supplement. This kind of protein supplement is the best, because your body can absorb it very fast, which means that result will be visible fast. Whey protein supplement are highly pure, 70-80 % of the supplement is pure protein. Whey protein isolate is a dietary supplement more efficient than regular whey protein, with around 90% of pure protein.

Is there a protein supplements for vegans?

There is a protein supplement suitable for vegan diet; they are based on soy, hemp or other cereals. Food supplements are now available for every different type of human metabolism, but you should always be aware that food supplements are supplements, not a replacement for food.

How to balance natural protein and supplements?

Protein intake should be monitored carefully. That means you must know about your food intake, qualities and protein percentage of your nutrition. This is important, because when you add supplements to your diet, you�ll need to do some counting. Natural protein plus protein supplement should be equal of 3g per kg of bodyweight, if you�re a heavy lifter.

When to take my protein supplements?

If your protein supplement is high quality protein, proper time to take it is after work out, or to be precise, 20 minutes after. It�s important when you take protein supplements, because you can make your work out more efficient if you take protein at the time your muscles are just done with endeavor. There are also supplements made for night intake; these proteins should be taken few hours before sleep time and they affect your muscles when they rest.

Why is maintenance of your protein intake important?

Our body wouldn�t be able to keep up without the proteins, but that doesn�t mean that you can�t take too much protein in. This is, of course, considering protein supplements. Once again, protein intake needs to be carefully calculated. In other case, your body will suffer from severe and dangerous damages. Your digestive system is able to absorb protein till one point, after that point, your liver will start to take damage. Human body is delicate when it comes to nutrition, after certain time period, every diet mistake you made will manifest as health issue, and that is the ultimate risk you don�t want to take.

Could protein intake make losing weight easier?

Yes, it can. No matter if you are trying to gain weight or to lose some, protein supplements can help you. When you�re losing weight, you spend calories and the less calories you expend, creates more chance for the calories to come from proteins. When putted on restricted diet regime, your body will lose weight daily, and by weight, it means fat, among other, and fat means strength. To keep your body strong while losing weight, it�s recommended to use help of a protein. It will take you more time to completely change your nutrition habits, but it can be crucial for your muscle recovering.

Can be protein good for my health?

Proper protein intake can be good for your organism and it can benefit your health. Eating protein keeps your body in an anabolic state; in the body building terminology, term anabolism refers to construction of muscles. If there is a deficit of protein in your body, you will get your muscles in the state of catabolism; which means destruction of the muscles. Having enough protein in your nutrition can ensure you the necessary building block for constructing growth hormone. Not enough growth hormone will cause slow metabolism and in worst case, bone density and other health problems. Protein also helps your body to lower insulin level in your blood, which is an important factor for proper energy regulation.

Protein intake is one of the most important demands that your body makes. If you�re informed enough, you can regulate your protein intake, which will result with healthy organism and strong muscles.

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