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criminal law a quick overview

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-16

Criminal law is created to make a peaceful system with government, and because of these laws, people are acting accordingly to what is according to the law. Violating these laws have certain punishments depending of the extent of the offense made under the government’s jurisdiction. Prison time, execution, parole or probation and fines are the common penalties of violations of criminal laws. There are times that difference between civil law and criminal law are becoming unclear. Criminal law is unique as well as the penalties for violating the law is also severe. The courts made sure to put out strict punishments for law violators so that people will get afraid of breaking the law. Punishment, deterrence, restitution, incapacitation and retribution are the types of penalties for criminal law, which may vary according to jurisdiction. Guilty mind or popularly known as Actus Reus, is an act of crime that needs physical evidence that the crime was committed through actual action or a threat. Guilty act applies to dangerous situations resulting in somebody’s action. Guilty mind or Mens rea is a term used for intended actions to violate the law. To make it clear, Mens rea means that the offender is performing an action knowing that the act is dangerous. The court of law will see this as negligence and if the offence proved of not knowing the danger of the act, the guilty mind case will reduce. Murder is the most well-known act under the criminal law. The severity of punishment under this case will depend on the government’s jurisdiction. Homicide is a term used to explain murder without malice, which is usually committed through provocation or self defense. While murder resulting from any form of hatred will fall under intentional murder, which offenders will get a higher degree of punishment. Conspiracy is also another form of criminal law, which means knowing about a certain crime and conspiring to commit a crime will also result in criminal charges no matter if the said crime was never committed.

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