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creating windows deployment server wds discover image

Posted: 2009-05-19

In order to deploy an OS on none-pxe enabled client computer or computers using WDS, you must create a discover image and store on a drive (CD, DVD, USB, etc). Follow the steps to create a discover image using Windows Server 2008 Deployment Server console. To create a discover image 1. Click Start, click on Administrative Tools and then click on Windows Deployment Services.. 2. Expand the server object tree and select Boot Image. 3. Right click a correct image from the right panel as shown on the image bellow and click on Create Discover Image

4. Browse a location to save a discover image and type the name of the image to be created. Click next and let the image creation complete.

5. Right click Boot Image in the WDS snap-in tree and click on Add Image. 6. Add theDiscover Image you just created.

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