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creating trust relationships in windows server 2003

Posted: 2009-10-15

To allow access of resource to multi-domain or multi-forest users, you can create forest level or domain level trust relationship. Follow the steps bellow to create a domain level trust: 1. On your master domain controller, click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then click on Active Directory Domains & Trusts. 2. In the left panel, right click the Domain and click on Properties. 3. Click the Trust tab. 4. In the trust properties window, click on New Trust. A New Trust Wizard will start up. Click Next. 5. Type the DNS or NetBIOS name of the other domain and click next. 6. Select the type of trust you want create and click next. 7. Select whether trust is Transitive(can be extended to other domains) or None-transitive (cannot be extended). 8. Select the direction of the trust (One-way or Two-ways). 9. Type the trust password and click next. 10. Review the summary and click finish. 11. Trust must be also created in the other domain.

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