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creating dhcp scope for windows 2008 dhcp server

Posted: 2009-05-05

By definition, a scope is a range of IP addresses available to be assigned to client computers dynamically by the DHCP server. To install a functional DHCP, you have to install the DHCP role, authorize and create the range of IP address it can service. To create or define DHCP scope on DHCP pre-installed and authorized server, perform the following steps; 1. Click Start, select Administrative Tools and then click on DHCP. 2. Expand the Server object in the left panel of the DHCP console, right click IPv4 and click on New Scope. 3. Type the name and the description of the scope. 4. Type the IP address range (Start IP and End IP address, Example; Start, end 5. Choose subnet mask length and type the subnet mask (for example default class C network subnet mask; length 24; mask 6. In Add Exclusions console, type the IP addresses that you want to exclude from the IP address available for your DHCP to lease. (You would normally exclude IP addresses that you statically assigned to your servers and printers). Click next. 7. Choose the number of days a DHCP would lease an IP address to a client or leave the 8 days default lease duration and click next. 8. Choose “Yes, I want to configure DHCP options now” to specify additional options or choose No and click next. Perform the following additional options if you choose yes.     a. In the router window, type the router IP address and click the add button then click next.    b. In the Domain Name and DNS servers’ window, define your network domain in the parent domain field. Type each DNS Server name & IP address and click add then click next.    c. Click next on the Wins server window unless you want define Wins Server.    d. Choose “Yes” to active the scope and click next.    e. Click Finish to create and activate the scope. 9. If you choose “No” for setting up additional options in step 8, right click the scope you have created and click on Activate to activate the scope.

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