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creating dhcp ip address reservation in windows server 2008 network

Posted: 2009-05-05

You can reserve an IP address for a specific machine in your network using DHCP. The DHPC will lease the reserved IP address to only its client machine. In order to reserve the IP address for the client machine, you need the client’s MAC address. The MAC address is the client’s physical adapter address which has combination of letters and numbers. To get the client’s MAC address, perform the following steps on the client machine, 1. Click Start and then click Run 2. Type cmd and then click ok. 3. In the command prompt, type IPCONFIG /ALL and hit enter. 4. Take a note of client’s Physical Address (Example: 00-80-C6-EA-19-45) and configure the reservation on the DHCP server. Next is to create the reservation on your DHCP server. 1. On the DHCP Server, click Start, choose Administrative Tools, and then click on DHCP. 2. Expand the Server object in the left panel of the DHCP console; expand the scope, and right click Reservations. Click on Create New Reservation. 3. Type the reservation name (general descriptive name to identify), an IP address to reserve for the client, and client’s MAC address. 4. Click Add to create the reservation. 5. Click on close.

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