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create windows schedule task very x minutes or hours

Posted: 2014-04-14

If you want run specific program or script on a regular basis, you can use the Task Scheduler to create a task that opens the program or runs the script automatically according to the scheduled periods. You can schedule a task on minutes, daily, hourly, or specific day and time of the weekly. Commonly used schedules include patch files, email scripts, software or program updates, system reboots, etc.

To use the Windows Scheduler to run task every x minutes, use the instructions below:
1) Click Start ->All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools and click on Task Scheduler

2) Right click Task Scheduler and click on Create Task

3) In the General Tab, name your scheduled task and choose whether to run when the user is logged on or always.

4) On the Triggers Tab, click New , choose start date/time and how often to run the task. You can also choose expiry date here if you want the job to run between specific dates.

5) On the Action Tab, click New and choose whether to run program or send email. Browse and select program or provide email information as it shows in the example below.

6) On the Condition Tab, you can choose status of the computer when running the job. You can wake the computer to run the task here.

7) Under the Settings Tab , you can setup additional options and restrictions. See the picture below.

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