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counseling facilities for professional well being of employees

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-03

Well-being is a concept coined towards positivity in attitude, conduct and overall social behavior. Professional well-being is articulated as a blend of four vital components including work, people, money and lifestyle. In today’s workplace, we see people have mixed emotions and they emit assorted vibes which lead to professional ill-being. In such an environment where we have diverse attitude of employees, counseling steps in to take the lead and plays its part for social and psychological development of the professionals. Counseling does not necessarily mean that the employees are mentally challenged or need help; it is sometimes for chalking pathways of success and brainstorming as well. Professionals may have achieved certain degree of accomplishments and success, yet there is a cost paid for that in terms of stress, energy drains or time mis-management. The strain it carries along hinders vision and determination. Counseling leads to channelizing trail of success rightly be called as ‘The Balancing Act’, where professionals learn their worth and know their capabilities leading to building confidence and enlightening personalities. Counseling may be in the form of mentorship, mini one on one therapy sessions, informal peer reviews and self-soul connectivity. It is recommended that organizations take steps to introduce this concept among the employees and make them aware about importance of well-being and mental health for increased productivity, healthy work environment, motivated employees, creative teams and visionary leaders which will be born from such teams. It will lead to strengthening the corporate image, enhance productivity and cultivate a positive name for the employees and organization, at large. At the micro level, it will lead to shaping personalities of employees and creating healthy minds who will be motivated, determined and drive the organization towards the highway of success.

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