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cook healthy stay healthy

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-26

Healthy cooking is important to our life. It will help us to be safe and healthy and will help to prevent many diseases. The key of healthy cooking is to choose fresh fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits like pear, melon, grapes, cantaloupe, pine-apple etc are always delicious on its own. But finding amazing ways to include fruits into your cooking gives you a super chance to add more nutrition in it. In season time always choose seasonal and fresh fruit. Cook with apples and pumpkin in the fall, berries in the summer and citrus in the spring. Food prepared at the summit of its nutrition, unbeatable flavor and its freshness. When you are cooking with fruits always try to avoid adding table sugar to your fruit dishes. Choose healthy ways to improve the flavor of your fruit dish. For example you can serve baked apples with cinnamon, dried cranberries, walnuts or frozen yogurt. To bring out their natural sweetness you can also add strawberries or balsamic vinegar. Donít forget to add dried fruits and fruit juice to your meal. It is healthy addition to any meals. One of the most significant skills of cooking healthy food is preparing vegetables in delicious way without zapping its full nutritionís. Overcooked or bland vegetables will never inspire you to add more vegetables in your diet. Always buy fresh vegetables in season time. Many vegetables like Swiss chard squash and tomatoes are good in the summer. Spinach, scallions and asparagus are best in the spring. Root vegetables like Butternut squash or acorn bring hotness to any autumn table. While you are cooking always choose healthy methods. Stop adding butter or animal fat in your cooking it adds many extra calories. Try to steam them or roasting them with a little bit of olive oil for nutritionís and better taste. You can freeze your seasonal vegetables and storing them for future use. In this way you will get the flavor of the harvest all year round.

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