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configuring capture image in windows server 2008 deployment server wds

Posted: 2009-05-24

Capture Image is process of creating Operating System (Vista or Windows Server 2008) image file from a master computer. Similar to Ghosting, you can deploy a Windows Vista or Server 2008 to a machine, sysprep, and capture the Installation as a image to deploy it to all your other computers that have same hardware configurations. The first step of creating a capture image is to prepare the Master Computer. 1. Create and Configure Windows Deployment Server (WDS). 2. Install the Windows on the first machine by using WDS deployment method or regular installation and customize the machine according to your organization standards. 3. Create a capture image by following steps bellow; a. On your WDS, click Start, click on Administrative Tools, and then click on Windows Deployment Services (WDS).   b. Browse down the server object tree and select Boot Image.   c. In the right panel, right click an image and then click on Create Capture Boot Image

Let it finish the image creation and click finish once creation completes.    d. Right click the right panel of Boot Image and click on Add Boot Image.   e. Browse and select the Capture Image you just created, click next to create a boot of the image, and click finish once the creation completes.    f. Perform a system preparation (sysprp) on the master computer that you want use as an image. 4. Perform a SYSPREP to remove any machine specific information’s such as the computer name on the computer that you want use as an image.    a. Use sysprep.exe utility located in the Windows/System32 folder to perform a sysprep. To run SYSPREP, click Start and then type SYSPREP in the text box then double click the sysprep file that will show up.    b. Select one of the options (Enter system-out-of the box experience or Enter system audit mode) and then click ok. Select Enter system-out-of-box experience option to get rid all of the machine specific settings and check the Generalize box for the best preparation option.

5. Boot the computer to the Capture Image created on step 3.    a. Press F12 to boot the machine to PXE network card.    b. Choose the image created on step 3 using the keyboard and hit enter.    c. Click next on the “Welcome to Deployment Services Image Capture Wizard” window.    d. On the “Image Capture Source” window, select the source system volume, Image Name (this is a install image, which is basically copy of the master computer), description if required and then click next.    e. Choose the location to store the deployment image, check “Upload Image to WDS”, and type WDS server name. Use the keyboard to click on “Connect”, provide the WDS authorized username and password and then click ok. Select Image group name from the list and click finish.    f. The image should appear under the install image section of your WDS, if not, you may have to add the image from the location you store on step E. 6. Deploy your other computers using image deployment image created through PXE methodology.

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