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configure ntp network time protocol for cisco router or switch

Posted: 2014-03-18

It’s important that all your network devices are set to correct date and time synchronization. NTP Server is normally used to provide correct date and time to all your network devices including, servers, workstations, routers, switches and other type of network devices. The example below will show you how to setup a Cisco Switch or Router to NTP server as a client assuming the NTP server is already setup. 1) Show the current clock of the Router/Switch: Switch1#show clock detail *01:02:59.111 UTC Wed May 26 1993 No time source Switch1# 2) Configure the Switch/Router to sync with NTP server: Switch1#conf t Switch1(config)#ntp server Switch1#exit Switch1#show clock detail 12:55:40.838 UTC Tue Mar 18 2014 Time source is NTP Notice above that “Time Source is NTP” while the previous show clock details was “No Time Source”. It was that simple to get all your switches and routers to point to a correct NTP server. You can also use the commands below to troubleshoot or show your NTP setup information. Switch1#show clock detail - Show the date/time and NTP information <Switch1#show ntp associations - Shows the NTP association information Switch1#show ntp associations detail - Displays the association information in details Switch1#debug ntp packet - Turns on the NTP packet related events

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