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Common extreme network switch commands

Posted: 2016-07-23

List of basic Extreme Network Switch commands for daily use:

Display switch information:
sw# show switch detail -Display switch information details

Show or display the switch configuration:
sw# configure snmp sysName "sw" - changes the name of the switch to "sw"

Add switch location:
sw# configure snmp sysLocation "Server Rack"

Add timezone:
sw# configure timezone -300 autodst - Sets the timezone. -300 is the GMT_offset minutes.

Display the version of the current switch software and paramaters:
sw# show switch - displays the switch information details

Display the version of the current switch software and paramaters:
sw# show version

Add the default switch IP address:
sw# configure vlan Default ipaddress - Sets the switch IP address.

Configure login account with encrypted password:
sw# configure account admin encrypted xxx - sets encrypted password for the admin login

Create or configure VLAN:

SW# create vlan marketing
sw# configure vlan marketing tag 2
SW# configure vlan marketing ipaddress
SW# enable ipforwarding
- Creates VLAN named "marketing" or vlan 2, configures vlan IP address with 24 bit subnet-mask and ability to forward IP address as level 3 switch.

Add VLAN tagged/trunk ports or access/untagged ports:
SW# confugure vlan Marketing add ports 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 tagged - Adds 3 tagged or trunk ports to vlan 2 on a stacked switch.

SW# confugure vlan "Marketing" add ports 1-4 tagged - Adds 4 tagged or trunk ports to vlan 2.

SW# confugure vlan "Marketing" add ports 5-48 untagged - Adds port 4 through 48 as access or untagged ports to vlan 2.

Delete ports from VLAN:
SW# confugure vlan "Marketing" delete ports 21, 23, 25-33 - Deletes spefied ports from marketing vlan

SW# configure vlan "Marketing" delete ports all deletes all ports from marketing vlan

Configure DHCP server for VLANS:
SW# configure bootprelay add [DHCPServer-IP] - replace [DHCPServer-IP] with your DHCP server IP address

SW# enable bootprelay ipv4 vlan Marketing - enable DHCP for the marketing VLAN
SW# enable bootprelay all - enable DHCP or all VLANS

Lag or Link Agrigation configuration

Display any configured sharings or LAGs.
sw# show sharing - display all the LAG ports

Configuring Sharing:
sw# enable sharing 1 grouping 1-2 lacp - Puts ports into channel group with port 1 as master link

Add additional ports to LAG group:
sw# configure sharing 1 add ports 3 - Adds additional port to existing LAG

Delete ports from LAG group:
sw# configure sharing 1 delete ports 3 - Delets LAG member ports

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