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cn tower canada

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-07-07

The CN Tower, located in Toronto the city in Canada is one of the most visited destinations of the world. Its total height is 553.33m. CN tower held the record of world’s tallest tower for almost three decades (1974-2010). 1,537 workers take part in the construction of the CN tower. Its construction was completed in 40 months. It was given the name “CN” on behalf of the railway company “Canadian National” that constructed the tower. The CN tower was constructed to tolerate an earthquake of 8.5 on Richer Scale and also to withstand winds up to 418 km per hour. Its construction cost was $63 million. In 1995 CN tower was declared as a wonder of the modern world by The Americans Society of Civil engineers. It is considered as the symbol of accomplishment and is a source inspiration for its visitors. According to an estimate more than 1.5 million people visit the CN Tower every year. It is open for visitors from April-November. The attractions of CN Tower Mostly the visitors are attracted towards the CN tower to adore magnificent views some of them are as follows • Glass fronted elevators These elevators are really quick with a speed of 22 km per hour. Through these elevators you can reach the top of the tower in only 58 seconds. • Glass floor The world’s first glass floor provides a spectacular view of 1,122 feet down to the ground. • Edge walks CN tower provides you the highest outdoor walk on a building at a height of 356m. Many people love to do edge walk to the CN tower. • Restaurants For people who love dinning in restaurants, there are three high quality restaurants in CN tower which provides you fine dining services. The CN tower is also the world’s highest wine seller. • Kids zone There is also a kid zone playing area in CN tower. Kids love to spend their time in CN tower. • Various events organized annually CN tower hosts almost 500 events in a year. All the events are well organized. Large numbers of people attend these events.

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