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cisco useful trouble shooting commands

Posted: 2016-08-05

Cisco Router Useful Trouble Shooting Commands: show version - displays system hardware and software configuration as well as uptime and last reboot method. show stacks - displays diagnostic system crash information such as stack utilization of processes and interrupt routines, reason for the last system reboot, failure type, failure program counter, & stack traces saved by the ROM Monitor. show context - Display information stored in non-volatile RAM (NVRAM) when an exception occurs. show tech-support - Display router technical, diagnostic, hardware and software information. Combines: show version, showrunning-config, show stacks, show interfaces, show controller, show processes cpu, show process memory, & show buffers show environment -display temperature, voltage, fan, and power supply information. show data-corruption - display data inconsistency errors of the present software version. show controllers - displays the controller state that is specific to controller hardware (typically useful diagnostic information). show processes - displays information about the active processes.

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