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choose the perfect type of your job in the it field

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-04

Nowadays IT field has numerous options for anyone who would like to enter it as a fresher. The most prevalent profiles include software developer, games developer, database administrator, applications developer, web designer and others. There are various kinds of jobs from which one can choose according to their choice and interest. A description of some of the profiles is discussed here: - The application developers are professionals who translate the requirements of the software into effective programming code and develop programs to be used in the business. There are specializations like accounting software, graphics software, mobile phone applications and others. - The role of a games developer is to produce games for tablets, personal computers, games consoles, arcade games, mobile phones and other devices. To enter into this profile you need to be thorough with the programming skills as this is a fast moving industry. - The database administrator looks into the databases’ performance, integration and security and is highly involved in it development, planning and troubleshooting issues. He makes sure that the data is clearly defined; user accesses the data according to his needs, data consistency is conserved throughout the database and also looks into data security and recovery control. - As a multimedia programmer you need to work with various features multimedia like sound, text, 2D/3D modeling, digital photography, graphics, video and animation to produce interactive computer programs or websites. - An IT technical support officer is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the networks’ computer systems in any organization. He has to resolve issues by analyzing software and hardware faults, constituting and installing computer systems, resolving the technical difficulties over telephone or even personally. - The concern to preserve, implement, develop, support and sometimes even designing the communication networks of an organization depend on the network engineer. He ensures maximum performance of the users like clients, staff, suppliers and customers by maintaining high integrity of the network infrastructure. The network may consist of voice, firewall and computer. - Web designers are professionals who strategize, produce and code the web pages as per the requirements of the customers. They determine not just the visual, but also the functional aspects of the web pages and are even responsible for their maintenance These are some of the types and profiles which can be chosen depending upon your interest and choice to build a career.

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