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changing the display language in windows 10

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-12-25

With Windows 10 you can now change the default language to your preferred language. So if you have just bought a laptop then realized, Ohh no this is in Japanese! Or any other unfamiliar language. No need to worry about that now as Windows 10 lets you download your desired language and change it any time you like. Let’s jump to how to install a language in Windows 10. Log in as an administrator in Windows 10 and then go to “Start Menu” then “Settings >> Time & Language”. From the left pane select “Region & language”. Now click “Add a language” located in right pane. You will be taken to a new window where you will see a list of available languages. You can click on your desired language to start the download. Now after downloading go back to your previous screen which was “Time & Language >> Region & language”. You will see the language you just installed listed there with three options: “Set as default”, “Options”, “Remove.” Now click on “Options” then “Download” to download the keyboard and language pack for your language. To set your downloaded languages as your display language you need to select the language and click on Set as Default. You will be given a notification that says, “Will be display language after next sign-in.” So you need to sign out and sign back in to view the changes where you will see your favorite language has been set as the display language. To change the language of other user accounts you need to sign in to that account first and set language for that account.

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