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change extreme network switch failsafe account

Posted: 2014-10-07

The failsafe account is the account of last resort to access your switch. This account is never displayed by the command, but it is always present on the switch and only shows up on the initial configruation of the switch. The switch give you an option to setup or change the failstate account on the initial setup. You can use configure failsafe-account command via telnet, ssh, or console to change failsafe account. The command bellow shows how to configure failsafe account on Extreme Networks Switch: * X440-48p.17 # conf failsafe-account enter failsafe user name: Spidertip enter failsafe password: enter password again: * X440-48p.18 # Note: You will be prompted to enter a username and password when you type this command conf failsafe-account. Password is not visible to you when typing it. The failsafe account is immediately saved to NVRAM

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