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change cache memory value to get faster computer

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-02-27

To simply describe, Cache memory is a temporary memory used by the processor of a computer. Processor uses this memory to temporary store software information or instruction data’s in order to process them faster. Every computer and laptops comes with cache memory, they are named as L1, L2 or latest L3 cache memory. The more cache memory your computer or laptop has the more software you can run at a time and faster they will run. Now when you install operating system such as Windows XP, cache memory will only be 256 Kb by default where your actual memory is like 2-3 MB which means 2048 – 3072 Kb. So even though you have a good amount of space available in your cache memory but you have not been able to make use of that rather your computer seems slow. Through some very easy steps you can edit the registry to put the actual value and fix this issue to maximize your PC or laptop performance. In Windows XP or Windows 7, Go to Start >> Run and type “regedit” and press OK. Registry Editor of your operating system will open. Click the (+) sign besides the text "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE". Then Click (+) sign besides the key "SYSTEM" Click (+) besides the key "CurrentControlSet". After that Click (+) besides "Control" Again click (+) besides the key named as "Session Manager" Now click "Memory Management". Now you will see a number of names with values. Find "SecondLevelDataCache" and right click. Then click "Modify" and new box window will pop up. In the "Base" click on "Decimal" and finally in the "Value Data" field input your actual cache memory available with your PC or laptop. If it is 2MB then input 2024 or if it 3MB then input 3072. If you are not sure what your Cache memory is, you can find out in the box came with you PC or laptop. Or you can search by your PC or Laptop processor model in the Internet to find out the built in Cache memory. ** Do Not Edit Or Change anything in the Registry editor if you are not an expert or if you don’t know what you are doing.

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