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central park new york city

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-08-25

Introduction Central Park in New York City is one of the famous parks of the world. It is among the parks which have been shown in different movies, stories and dramas. The park was on a small area, but then it expanded and the people living in the boundary of the park were warned to move away from the area. This park is one of the busiest parks of New York, and a famous tourist destination as well. People who visit New York must visit Central Park, which is considered one of the special places of New York. Attractions of Central Park New York City The Central Park New York is a beautiful and charming green area. Fresh air, trees, lush green grass, facilities of recreational activities present in the park, and entertainment points make Central Park New York the notable area not only for the people of the city but also for the tourists. Zoo in the Central Park is an ultimate opportunity for animal lovers who can see monkeys and different animal in the park. Beautiful Great Lawn and Turtle Pond is another attractive point of the park which is man-made, here people come to see turtles and in the great lawns they perform different activities and sports. Central park is a source of refreshment for the people when they get tired from the whole day struggle in the evening they come in the park and enjoy some time with family and friends. Delacorte Theater in the central park is also an attractive opportunity for the public. People can enjoy boating, cycling, biking and other sports in the park. Conservatory Garden is a cool and calm place, Hans Christian Andersen Statue at Conservatory Water, turtle pond, and Heckscher Playground are the worth seeing points in the Central Park of the city New York.

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