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cataract surgery

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-16

Advancing age causes vision changes and many of them can be corrected using different remedy techniques. To be brief, as you get older you are vulnerable to eye disease. One of the eye diseases related to old age is Cataract. In this disease eye’s lens get clouded and vision is lost gradually. Risk factors include smoking, diabetes, exposure to sunlight and aging. Patients of this disease experience blurred images, faded colors, glare and poor night vision. Cataract is diagnosed by a variety of ways. It can be a special instrument or eye tests including visual acuity, glare sensitivity, color vision, contrast sensitivity and examination of all other parts of eye. It is a curable disease in which the patient can fully recover his or her vision to the normal. Treatment options could be glasses, bright colors and surgery. Surgery is recommended by your doctor when a significant vision is lost or when your eye retina and its back side is not visible due to cataract. Cataract surgery can be performed in 30 minutes so it doesn’t put much strain on your heart and lungs. Before performing the operation eye is injected to reduce sensation. Standard surgical procedure involves the use of microscope followed by a minute incision in the eye near cornea. After which an ultrasound wave is directed into the cataract mass which is dissolved by vibrations of the wave followed by the placement of artificial lens. This lens keeps the eye focus intact after surgery. Do not eat after the midnight before the surgery. After the surgery operated eye is covered with pad and plastic shield. It is recommended for a week or two in the night while you are asleep to avoid rubbing caused by itching. You should continue using eyes drops prescribed by your consultant. Mild pain, itching, headache and blurred vision are the normal side effects. To comfort yourself you can take painkillers as per prescription or seek medical advice. It is recommended that you seek instant medical advice if face increasing pain, loss of vision, increasing redness of operated eye, appearance of dots in your vision or light flashes in the eye. To recover quickly you should not touch or rub your eye frequently, avoid contact to soap and shampoo, avoid applying eye make-up, avoid swimming for a month, avoid sports and all such activities which have a risk to damage or knock your eye.

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