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burlap for style and trend

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-19

Burlap is an economical and cost saving fabric for valance. It has a subtle appeal, is light and has a soothing texture. An alternative furnishing would cost heavy penny. It is the cheapest upholstery, readily available and easily sewable and has lot of scope of experiments. White burlap would be a contemporary twist and further enhance its glory. Combined with some printed fabric we can create some awesome mix and match. For example bright yellow printed fabric or pastel colors would be cool with white burlap. We can use the prints for tussles or ties in the loops or may have frills in printed fabrics or alternatively we can use block prints or we can add an artistic twist to it by some hand painting or acrylic. Bamboo painting in green or black as per ones decor will be an embellishment to the otherwise old world look of burlap. Burlap makes an excellent combination with linen; if one is ready to be little extravagant and cost is not a factor. Burlap is excellent for kitchen window or at places where its transparency is welcome. Otherwise burlaps with linings are also a good option. One can further accentuate the look by adding some accessories like beads, pearls or some silver color painting or glitter work on sheer beige or white burlap. It will make a superb combination crochet laces or motifs all over. Burlaps can be combined with checkered ribbons, they can be styled with some stencil or craft work, or can be tucked in the centre with some rose bunch hand made with linen or some stiff fabric or some embroidery motifs here and there. Burlaps are excellent for dining spaces if combined with some glass beads strings. There are thousands of wonders and ideas, one can create with burlap.

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