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bhow to get control on your angerb

Posted: 2015-03-12

We all know that anger can affect your own mental well being as well as other people connected to you. Different people suffer from different type of anger. Some get angry on themselves with the feeling of worthless, some get anger even on small issues, some use to give taunts in the form of anger and many more. Relax yourself: If you feel that some issues can make you anger, then go out for a while, take deep breath and try to focus your mind on some other activity. Build self confidence: If you blame yourself for everything, then try to understand the reasons that are affecting you so badly. Try to give importance to yourself by thinking of all work and achievements acquired by you. Try to forgive others: If you donít like behavior of others, then try to forgive them and calmly explain them regarding your dislike. Physical activity: Spare some time for exercise, yoga or brisk walking on regular basis. This will help you to remove negative emotions from your mind.

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