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bhow to choose genuine leatherb

Posted: 2015-03-12

The leather items like belts, purses, shoes, etc are always in great demand, but are you sure that the item purchased by you is made up of genuine leather. Many people canít differentiate between original and fake leather. So check out some tips, which help you to select real leather. Check pores: Try to see pattern of pores in a fabric. If it is having irregular pattern, then it is real leather otherwise fake. Check tag: There is a mark of genuine leather on real leather, while fake leather is labeled as Manmade. Price: The price for genuine leather is much higher than fake leather. Texture: Genuine leather has grainy, smooth and elastic texture on which if you scratch with your nail, it will leave its impression and vanishes after some time. While fake leather has shiny, smooth plastic like texture. Smell: There is typical aroma of real leather, so try to smell the fabric to know its genuineness.

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