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bhow cloud computing is used by usb

Posted: 2015-02-21

Cloud computing is one of the most influential technologies of the modern era. It has extended its grasp from business to healthcare, from online entertainment to telecommunication. Let us look how it has affected our lives. What are its aftereffects on the healthcare industry? In healthcare industry, patient records can be shared between professionals thus in the process saving the cost and time for the initial diagnosis. How does it affect in business? In a business, the effects of cloud computing are behemoth. In case of a malfunction or natural disaster your is kept safe by using cloud computing because your data is secured safely in a far off location probably zillion miles away from you. Another advantage being that you can sync and access your data from almost anywhere. How does it affect the education industry? The education segment has also been affected by the cloud. Online courses, distant educations are fast becoming a major part of our lives. Resource access can be provided to students from any location. Even when college is over, the study materials can still be accessed by the student from home.

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