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best way to lose belly fat for men

pauline c. tome
Posted: 2015-02-19

It’s a growing concern on how many men have the pot belly—‘cause not only does this make shopping for pants and clothes more difficult and depressing, it carries a lot of health risks. Unlike common body fat, belly fat has an extra layer under the skin called the “subcutaneous fat” and also “visceral fat” which then surrounds the internal organs. This visceral fat, which men are more prone to, opens up risks to cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. There is no sole solution on how to get rid of belly fat—there are different methods that will produce results. The best ways to lose belly fat for men are listed below: Get Moving One of the main causes of visceral fat development is an inactive or sedentary lifestyle. Spend more time standing up or walking around rather than just sitting on the couch all day. Be more active. Go run errands for your mom, re-arrange your furniture, wash your car, sweep and mop the floor— anything to get you moving around for long periods of time. It doesn’t always have to be a strenuous workout or a trip to the gym, just doing daily chores will do. Remember, you burn more calories standing up and doing something than just sitting on your ass. Protein over Carbs It’s best to add more protein than carbs in your diet. Although carbs have its benefits, a bigger percentage of protein is digested compared to that of carbohydrates. And the foods with more calories digested and burned, the better. Eating protein is advisable during breakfast as it equips you with the energy you’ll need for the day. Lift Weights If you want an exercise that burns fat faster, then lift weights. Compared to cardio exercises, lifting weights burn more calories and builds more muscle as well. Not only do these exercises help you lose weight, it also helps you build and tone muscles and help in having a better figure. Lift weights at least 10 minutes per day, for at least three days in a week for better results. Drink Green Tea Put down your coffee cup and drink green tea every once in a while. Green tea helps in detoxification that doesn’t just clean your system, but speeds up your metabolism as well. The faster your metabolism is, the faster you burn those calories. Handle Stress Better Stress is a part of our daily lives. At times, it’s not about how much stress you’re dealing with, but on how well you’re dealing with it. Learn how to handle stress better. Not only does it affect you mentally, stress affects your physical health as well. When stressed, your cortisol levels rise, and high amounts of cortisol leads to fat gain—especially around the belly area. So, when stressed, take a deep breath and think of positive thoughts. Less stress means you get to make better decisions as well. Just follow these steps and you’ll get a flat belly in no time.

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