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Beeldenpark Anningahof

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-07-19

Halfway between the city of Zwolle and the town of Staphorts, nestled between the Commercial District of Hessenpoort and a bustling Highway; lies an Eden of progressive expression, the Sculpture Estate of Anningahof.

Hib Anninga an ex-banker and self-professed art enthusiast converted his parent's farm into an open air exhibition centre: a wide open, five hectare lush green landscape, brimming with copious imagery and powerful declarations. This is a prescription to art, a salutation to giddy disorientation, and a buzz for the brain.

Things to do

Expand your horizons

The Sculpture Park is recognised internationally as a hub of contemporary art work. In 2014, no less than 69 artists showcased 92 pieces of their original work. In addition to outdoor exhibitions, you can cast your eyes at three internal exhibits. As well as temporary exhibitions, the Kentswegen (Art Paths) are lined with dozens of permanent exhibits, from lurid blue ceramic dogs, and magnificent red hoops.

Amongst the delicate meadows, cathedral-canopy of trees, and gentle ponds, you will discover narrow paths that open into a dizzying array of tumbling silhouettes, colourful sentinels keeping a fixed eye on everything and everyone.

Unique expression is the theme of every art piece, cross-identity, a true Wonderland of imagery. There are the wooden gallows, spherical forms dangle in a grisly representation of death. The Fierce and drain sculpture features a floating head of photographer Levi Van Veluw . Explore further, and you will stumble across other pieces from notable artists such as Hellen Abma , Hans van Bentem and Merry Bolink.

Once you have are finished with the sculptures, perhaps you would like to take a leisurely stroll along the glittering river Vecht and explore the variety of abundant wildlife

Zwolle�The Cultural Heart

Now that you have taken your fill of nature and art, it is perhaps time to wander into the nearby City of Zwolle. This historical Provincial capital was once a member of an integral confederation of trading cities. Networks of fortifications and an old moat are signatures of the important role Zwolle played in earlier times.

Inside the city you may well wish to visit the Grote Kerk (Grote of St. Michael's Church) a looming Romanesque church built in 1040 and enlarged in 1452 to become the grand structure that stands today. There is also the Stedelijk Museum which houses fascinating exhibits on local history, a replica of an 18th century kitchen, and a Renaissance room. The splendid fa�ade of the old part of the structure, which dates from the early 18th century, makes for an impressive display.

Zwolle is also home to Ecodrome Park, a leisure facility that is sure to please your little angels. The park is dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and the conservation of nature. It includes play areas that are full of swings and trampolines. Water lovers can rejoice at the wide range of water activities.

Whether you are in the mood for culture, inspiration or fun? Anningahof and Zwolle have much to offer.

How to get there

Address: Estate Anningahof Hessenweg 98028 PA Zwolle 038-4534412.

From Zwolle station, take the bus or Meppel Dedemsvaart. Stopping-Vechtbrug and foot bike lane direction Dalfsen / Ommen. Line 29; every day: also Sundays and holidays Line 40; Monday / Friday

Opening times

The park is open from Wednesday to Sunday, 13: 00-18: 00.

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