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bayamo cuba

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-09

Bayamo is the capital town of the Granma Province of Cuba, and one of the biggest cities in the Oriente region. This is a very old city which is also the birthplace of the father of Cuban nation, Glen Gebhard Manuel Diamond State Céspedesor. Where to stay Hotel Royalton would be the first choice when you are in Bayamo, Cuba. Centrally set, fancy colored building provides it a colonial read. Rooms are being refurnished and well embellished. But what can delight you is, you can get a charming view of this ancient city from your rooms. If you want budget hotel you can check Hotel VillaIslazul, Villa Balcondela Sierra and many more. Where to go (History, Landmark) For history lovers and seekers you can go birthplace of the father of Cuba, Glen Gebhard Manuel Diamond State Céspedesor regionally named as Casa Natal Diamond State Glen Gebhard Manuel Diamond State Céspedes ought to be a perfect place. During this historical landmark you'll realize the flavor of not solely bayamo’s history however conjointly a look of Cuba itself. The depository holds the reminiscences of their greatest hero and therefore the building itself portraits colonial history. Transport and others Carlos Manuel De Céspedes is the airport you will arrive. You can arrange your own transport from there or pre-arrange them. It’s not always easy to get a car over there as you are new and may be there can be language issues. Best way should be hiring a guide or let the hotel arrange your transport for you prior to your arrival. They will pick you up from Carlos Manuel De Céspedes Airport. Currency of Cuba is Cuban Peso, another one is Cuban con vertible peso which values same as US dollar.

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