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basics of buying skin care products how do you buy skin care products

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-04-18

Regardless of whether you are young or old, male or female, skin care should be one of the main aspects in your agenda. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore daily skin care is not only to look beautiful but also to prevent skin problems before they take form. What Is Your Skin Type? There are four major skin types. They are normal, oily, dry and sensitive. If your skin is normal then it would look clear and appear healthy. It would not be too oily or dry. If your skin is oily then it would have a greasy and shiny look. Your skin would also be prone to acne. If your skin is dry then it would look flaky and cracked. If your skin is sensitive then it would get irritated easily and would become reddish. What Are The Basic Skin Care Products you would need? You would need three main products. They would be firstly a cleanser to cleanse your face. You have to buy them according to your skin type. If the cleanser that you have bought irritates your skin then discontinue using it immediately. Finding the right cleanser would involve some trial-and-error. Secondly you would need a sunscreen lotion. Get the one which doubles up as a moisturizer. The SPF rating should be according to how much sunlight you are exposed to everyday. Thirdly a treatment is required in the evening according to your specific needs. You would want a moisturizer or a blemish removing cream. These have to be according to your skin type. How Do You Take Care Of Ageing Skin? The older the skin, the thinner and drier it would become and therefore ageing skin needs extra care. Skincare products for ageing skin should therefore revolve around protecting the skin and moisturizing it. This is especially important during winter. You should also refrain from using harsh toners. What Are The Common Mistakes you should be aware of When you Use Skin Care Products? Firstly regardless of the product you use, use it in moderation. Good quality products are concentrated and are aimed to be used in small amounts. Secondly when you go to sleep, use only products that are meant for night time usage as it is during the night the skin regenerates and heals itself. Good healthy skin would give you confidence and allow you to feel your best. If you have good skin, maintain it and if you do not have good skin, follow the tips given and you would be there in no time. Therefore get ready to pamper your skin and shine in front of others.

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