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Badab-e Surt Travertine Terraces

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-11-16

The world we live in has no short of places to astound us. The complexions, the entrancing declension of this world overwhelm us and sometimes make us flabbergast.

Travertine terraces portraits the stunning beauty and supremacy of nature. Travertine is basically reformed limestones caused by hot springs. Badab-e Surt located in Mazandaran Province, Iran is among the few travertine terraces and definitely the most celestial one. Nature have flowed mineral hot springs for thousands years and displayed its stairs here in northern Iran. To add to its amazement, Bada-e Surt's terraces have been created by two different springs, one salty and another orange in color and sour in taste. What the salty spring gives you more is source of healing and medication for skin diseases.

There are several travertine terraces found in the world but what differs Badab-e Surt travertine terraces from them is its stunning variant color. Unlike the ordinary white and blue it shines with orange and red which makes this place wondrous. And moreover nature filled the cup with picturesque, bijou surrounding of green and yellow vegetation. These natural pools and scenic site becomes alive in the time of sunrise and sunset when they get encircled by the luster of sun. The moment and the environment in that time is astonishing.

Erosion is the most common concern for any natural landmark. Same goes for Badab-e Surt, as degradation was happening gradually. But thanks to some environmental organizations who helped this marvelous landmark to be restored in its own face. This remarkable place has taken place in the list of Iran's national heritage sites.

For travelers, tourists or backpackers proper information should be collected prior to visit Badab-e Surt. This place is located 59 miles south of Sari, a city in northern Iran. A village named Orost is found within 7Kilometers of Badab-e Surt. This village would be the best option for the tourist to stay if they want to spend a comfortable night because no hotels are available in the area. Adventurous backpackers can arrange their own adventure with tenting. For travelers who want to travel from Tehran to Badab-e Surt by road, it will take probably 5-6 hours drive unless there is heavy traffic on the road which is the most usual scenario. And in holidays it gets worse. There are some dirt's in the way to the spring but transportation that are used to reach there, are pretty much suitable for covering that issue. The only discomfort can be for lazy tourists is a 1 to 2 hour walking to the main spot. For people doesn't prefer to take hassle of driving all way to Badab-e Surt, can travel through bus or plane to Sari.

The best season to travel to Badab-e Surt is spring time but adventurous hikers and devoted nature lovers can taste the diversified dazzling colors of the nature anytime they want. Travelers who wants to stay at night in Badab-e Surt should carry all the necessary things for tenting like GPS tracker, guide, water, light, water proof clothes and of course food.

If you want skip your tedious city life and find a place for relaxation or you want adventure, activities in your outing or you want to experience and explore wonder of nature, The spectacular Badab-e Surt can be congruent for you by all means.

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