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Baby gas problem

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-02-24

Baby gas problem is a major concern for the new parents. As they are new to parenting and handling a baby, everything the baby does are new to them. And when babies have even the simplest problems or when they see the slightest unease in their baby, naturally they get scared. Baby gas problem is the most common issue in babies and there�s no need to worry too much. If your baby is showing discomfort, throwing legs, crying and their little tummy making sounds then your newborn or infant is most likely having gas.

There can be several reasons for your baby to have gas problem. Gas can form for mother�s food habit, feeding position or most commonly for baby taking air inside while feeding. Babies simply can�t tell you that they are having gas and need to get it out! Similarly there are lots of things they can not do by themselves. They will not always be able to let the gas out of their tummy. That�s why their tummy makes these sounds which sometimes get quit scary! They feel restless and even pain. They can even vomit if the gas is circling in their stomach for a long while.


A mother should recheck her diet list and roll out foods that can cause gas. Whatever the mother eats the babies gets a portion of that. So mothers should avoid over oily and gas friendly food. There are a number of techniques to remove the gas from your precious little one. Make sure your baby�s head stays upper than her belly when feeding. After feeding or while the baby is resting in between feeding time bring on his/her burp. If you can bring on burp properly there won�t be any gas circling at all, so this is the best thing you can do to prevent gas. Techniques for brining baby�s burps can be found on youtube. When baby is suffering from gas while not feeding or a long after feeding, you can massage her belly to bring out the gas. Again you can find proper methods of massages on youtube. Make sure you watch video�s of health experts. Parents.com is a handy site that can help you with this issue.

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