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asthma is not lethal but negligence makes it deadly in our country

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Posted: 2015-09-16

Asthma is not lethal, but negligence makes it deadly in our country Studies indicate that in spite of being one of the major hubs of Asthma in the world, people in India are not at all aware of this dangerous ailment. Not only backward and illiterate villages where sanitation and medical facilities are pathetic, the situation prevails in developed cities like Pune also. Doctors say that Asthma treatment in India is facing a great thrust because of low use of inhalation medicines which is a powerful and effective way of controlling breathlessness. Since they reach directly in the lungs, it is possible to get immediate relief from discomfort. Poor literacy, misconceptions, and age-old beliefs make the situation quite difficult. Statistics reveals that almost two-third of the patients that undergo asthma treatment in Pune canít control the outbreaks due to improper adherence to treatment. It is totally controllable problem if managed well Leading doctors who offer asthma treatment in Pune feel that Asthma is quite controllable if patients learn how to manage it effectively? Most of them feel that inhalation drugs cause addiction and it is the reason they avoid using it regularly. Apart from it, there is a general tendency of discontinuing the treatment when there is a slight relief. These two mistakes make it difficult to control. According to the expert doctors who offer Asthma treatment in India, a majority of patients can get a permanent relief if they follow the instructions properly. There are effective and low-cost medicines available in the market that can eradicate the problem. Carelessness is a big issue According to the experts, the psychological barrier is a big reason in India for not preferring inhalers for a long time. People feel that inhaler is the last resort, and it becomes a habit. However, the reality is totally different. Inhalers contain effective medicines that work directly on the stimulants that trigger asthmatic symptoms. Hence, it is required that patients get a proper education about it. Top-notch centers offering asthma treatment in India try their level best to educate patients about it, but still it is a big challenge to inculcate it among uneducated patients. As a result, Asthma becomes one of the major reasons for casualties in spite of the fact that it is not a fatal ailment. Moreover, Asthma is considered as a consequence of old age in India. People feel that the capacity of lungs decreases with time and that causes breathing problems and Asthma. It is partially correct. Certainly there is a decrease in the capacity of lungs in the old age and smoking (which is quite common in India) makes the situation worse. Pollution and allergies also aggravate the problem further. Hence, people feel that it is quite common to have Asthma. Therefore, they are not serious about the treatment and precautions. A survey conducted at prominent hospitals offering asthma treatment in Pune revealed that a large percentage of casualties happen just due to negligence. Hence, there is a need for mass awareness program about this nasty disease. It will make the life of millions of people better and happier.

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