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asphalt shingle roof

Posted: 2015-05-29

Many people visualize the ideal home as a neat and crisp looking house with brick walls and triangular roofs. This image was brought to life thanks to the homes roofed with asphalt roofing shingles. Asphalt shingles have made a roofing revolution in the modern world. Becoming so popular in the array of Malvern roofing options, they have been known as an effective and environmental friendly way to protect the house and add a nice touch of design to it. Being ultimately versatile and with an outstanding economic value, asphalt shingled roofs have proven that they are attractive to the market, covering 70% to 80% of it. They are quite inexpensive and actually very easy to be installed. Coming with great quality and number of styles, the asphalt roofs are always compatible with many roof pitches. There are practically two types of asphalt shingles available on the market. The first one is the organic-mat shingles, and the other type represents the fiberglass shingles. Both of them are obviously made of asphalt. However, the difference between both types lies in the reinforcing mat. The fiberglass asphalt roofs available on the market use fiberglass as the name says, while the organic asphalt roof varieties use a wood-derived mat that is made out of cellulose fiber. The soft asphalt always gives saturation and maximum protection. Both of the types have strong asphalt coating, but usually people go for the fiberglass type, mainly because of its light weight and thinness, as well as the ease of transporting and high fire rating. The asphalt shingle warranty proves the quality of such roofing materials. With as long as 20 to 45 years warranty, they provide a great service life and reflect great to their quality. Still, when purchasing such roof you must not rely on the warranty. What you should focus on is to have a roof that meets all the industry standards, coming with the official UL roofing logo and a certification. All in all, asphalt roofs are a modern and stylish way to give an accent to your home, making it colorful and dreamy. With a superb home and function, you will get a roof that stands for top-notch quality and function. Call NoBullRoofing.com today at (484)-254-4036 for a free asphalt roof estimate. Author Bio: Mike Kerr is the Founder / CEO of "no bull roofing" who is proudly serving the Tri County Area (Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties). His mission is to help people with Installation, Maintenance & roof Repair in Malvern,Devon, Berwyn. For roofing done with integrity every step of the way, contact today!

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