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Android lollipop

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-03-27

It would be crazy to even think of people hating to add some sweet to their daily meal. No matter you like it or hate it, no one’s been able to stop people tasting the flavor of Google’s Desserts! No they haven’t opened a restaurant, though that’s what left for them to possess! Talking about their Smartphone operating system Android, which has gone from Cupcake to Lollipop, getting sweet to sweeter to sweetest? Judging by the popularity and the number of Smartphone companies integrating these OS’s to their devices, one news can be confirmed there’s no sooner ending of this sweet journey. One of the latest versions of Android is called Lollipop, released November 3rd, 2014. Let’s get into details to see if the upgrade has become sweeter or holds over fat to make you bulky! (Means your device ofcourse). Lollipop which is also Android version 5.0 had been only published with Nexus and later Moto X. So if anyone wants to check out or try out this OS they have to have the Smartphone’s mentioned above. But it didn’t take long to find its way to all giants like Xperia Z3 to HTC ONE and ofcourse Samsung Galaxy devices. The story told until now in this article sounds like the regular ordinary OS updates made by Google over the years specially in last two versions before lollipop which were KitKat and Jellybean. But this time Google had promised a complete new experience of Android to the users and when you impenetrate into this version you can surely be surprised with different fresh experience of Android. Google released an earlier version which is the developer version of Android Lollipop known as Android L. But now Android Lollipop has come out with lot new features. So right of the bat two words you will hear a lot when it comes to Android 5.0 are Material design and that’s an entire redesign of all of Android you can probably sum it up vast in one word which would be Animations. Basically everything you touch brings something onto the screen or moves it off so you know exactly where the things are coming from and where they are going and that’s the whole point. Overall with Android Lollipop you will get a whole new experience of Android in your device and sure different than the previous versions.

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