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all about dancing

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-06

Dance is the art of moving the body rhythmically in a series of graceful movements. It is a way of relaxation to some, a hobby to others and a major source of entertainment all over the world. The origins of dance stretch back to the time when language was not invented. Dance was a method used by the primitive people to pass down different stories and values. Archaeological evidences of early dancers are found in the Bhimbetka Rock paintings of India. Some Egyptian tomb figures also depict dancing figures. Dance marks the cultural values of a country. Every Country, Every State has its own unique form of dance. From the Lion and Dragon dance of China to the Flamenco dance of Spain, The Adumu dance of the Massai in Africa to Bharatanatyam and Kathak in India, All the dance forms provide immense pleasure to the mind. On a scientific and medical basis, it has been proved that Dance improves the condition of the heart and lung; it increases muscular strength and is greatly effective it weight management. Dancing also improves the functioning of the brain in a variety of levels. It can also change the mood of a person instantly. Dancing is also a way of communication. It has been psychologically proved that dance helps an individual to open up in a crowd and improve relationships with other individuals. In recent times, dance has become extremely popular and also a subject for academic studies. A variety of institutions provide options for people to take up dance as a subject for academic degrees. Dance is also a very useful method in promoting social or commercial issues. Modern dance forms like Hip-Hop and Jazz are more common among the younger generation. So choose your dance form and put on your dancing shoes!

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