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all about culture

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-05-12

Culture means ideas, concepts and traditions; accepted by any society and this culture passes from ancestors to descendants. Culture uniquely identifies one group from another group. Culture comprises ideas, beliefs, language, traditions, behaviors, arts, food and other systems. Culture changes our way of thinking and living. Culture is not inherited; they learn about the culture from a society in which they live. To learn culture; we interchange languages, concepts, etc. Culture is learned through education and experience. Different cultural groups communicate with each other in different ways. There is a difference of style, traditions, arts, etc. Culture does not exist, in individual and it is a product of society. Among the people of the society, culture is shared. Customs, traditions, beliefs, concepts, morals, etc. are shared. Language is the medium for transmission of culture. Culture is consistent and its parts are interconnected. Culture is dynamic and keeps on changing. Food, shelter, clothes, etc. are satisfied through culture. Culture is unique and different in every society. Culture like customs, traditions, morals, values, etc. are not same in every society. Culture changes, our way of eating, speaking, greeting, dressing, etc. Types of culture are material, non-material, ideal culture and real culture. Materials and bodily items related to culture; are included in Material culture. Religion, skills, morals, concepts, etc.; are included in non-material culture. It also includes way of thinking and way of behaving. Culture changes with time. The cultures across the world are very different. The way people live around the world depends on the types of people living in the societies. Culture can be compared from society to society and from nation to nation.

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