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Online shopping has become a massive industry and it is always excited for customers to purchase at their favorite online platform and order their preferred products. However, it is also annoying
Posted: 3 years ago | BY: sunny
It is a known fact that ladies will never have enough handbags. Every woman wants to own an exquisite handbag but only those who can afford it have that privilege. It is for this reason that the
Posted: 3 years ago | BY: Fadiyah Sameh
A wristwatch doesn't only show time but also plays an important part in the fashion profile of a person. It carries elegance, style, and personality of the person wearing it. It shows the fashion
Posted: 3 years ago | BY: Fadiyah Sameh
Yellow is the color of season and you may think it's difficult to incorporate it to your daily looks. Here's how to add yellow to your outfits without failing in the attempt:rnrne) A yellow sleev
Posted: 4 years ago | BY: decent
Clothing is a prominent symbol of culture, traditions and customs that distinguishes an individual from others. Every region has its own attire and different definitions of covering themselves in
Posted: 5 years ago | BY: Fadiyah Sameh
Muslims are given specific set of rules for wearing clothes. In the holy book The Quran and in Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), dress code for Muslims has been clearly described in details. Both
Posted: 3 years ago | BY: Fadiyah Sameh

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