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6 types of underwear every woman should own

mariana d.
Posted: 2015-08-11

1) Briefs: These are definitely not the sexy ones. They look like bikinis but they are actually pretty more comfortable. You can use them every day. If you choose the right color you can make comfort look really good. 2) G-Strings: This type is the tiniest of all. Just a triangle on the front and everything else is elastic string. They are also known as “floss”. They are perfect for body-con dresses and skirts. 3) High-Waists: The retro silhouette. You can use them for fashion purposes or even to re-shape your body. 4) Thongs: Similar to G-Strings but these have a little extra fabric on the back. 5) Bikinis: They are somewhere between briefs and thongs and offer more coverage on the behind. 6) Boyshorts: The modest option. Inspired by men’s briefs. Super comfortable. Decorate your hips with them!

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