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6 clothes that will boost your confidence

mariana d.
Posted: 2015-08-11

1) The Long Blazer: This super chic piece of clothing offers you the right amount of coverage and works with pants, dresses, pencil skirts and trousers. Wear it from day to night. 2) The Printed Blouse: Itís time to leave behind the boring white shirt when it comes to office looks. Opt for a dashing printed one that not only will make you look great but you will also feel great at all your important meetings. 3) The Comfortable Heel: You will never look good if you donít feel good. Donít challenge yourself with an impossible heel. Wear a pair that allows you to move around like a fish in the water. 4) The Statement Coat: You can layer it over anything and it will instantly step up your fashion game. Add a little drama by choosing a printed fabric. 5) The Culotte Pants: One of the major trends of the season. They show your ankles so you must make sure you are wearing a perfect pair of high-heeled, strappy sandals. 6) The Cashmere Sweater: Black, gray, camel or navy-blue; the important thing here is your ability to pick a good quality one. A wardrobe staple that yells you are a girlboss.

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