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5 Top attractions of Bangladesh

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-02-25

Tucked away in the southern corner of Asia, surrounded by India on three sides and open to the Bay of Bengal on the fourth, lies the little emerald land of Bangladesh. It is a land of incomparable beauty and diversity. It is a simple land which nature has endowed with the best in all its magnanimity. This green paradise is Bangladesh. It will enchant you, haunt you and make you yearn for it. Bangladesh is a country that illustrates splendor of nature and quickly gaining interest in international tourism as one of the best value destinations in the world. The country has everything a tourist may want on a holiday and it doesnít cost an arm or a leg to be able to travel around and be a tourist in Bangladesh. There are dozens of places in Bangladesh that would engage a tourist, but we will discuss the five best ones here. Coxís Bazar: Coxís Bazar has to be on the top of the list. The beach here is considered to be the longest natural sandy beach in the world. The beach is a hundred and twenty five kilometers of gently sloping sandy beach. It is the top tourist destination in Bangladesh and mainly because of the fabulous beach. The area around Coxís Bazar is a virtual tourist paradise waiting to be discovered. The adjacent areaís of this tourist destination is affluent with top class facilities. You will find world class Five star hotels that donít cost you a fortune, even average hotels are cozy. And most importantly, it serves you elevated security. You will feel right at home if being in a touristy place is what you want. St. Martinís Island: St. Martinís Island is already a thriving tourist hub with ships running between Chittagong and St. Martinís. The island is famous for its flora and fauna. Several threatened and endangered species of turtles can be found here. It is also famous for its coral reefs. The island is pretty famous for its coconuts so donít forget to make it a habit to enjoy a tender coconut while you are there. Dhaka: Dhaka will probably be on your itinerary if you are flying into Bangladesh. Since you are there, begin your journey by discovering the city. The city is an eclectic mix-bag of old and the new. There are some spectacular old monuments you need to visit. Take a boat-ride on the river, visit Ahsan Manjeel, Lalbag Fort, Dhaka University, Star Mosque, Hussaini Dalan to see the city in all its glory. The national Parliament house known as Jatio Sangsad Bhaban is a phenomenal illustration of architecture which is a must visit. Donít miss out Panam city; the old capital of Bangladesh located just an hour drive away from the city. It is an experience beyond words to visit this area. Sundarban: If you are in Bangladesh, it is probably because you want to be in the most extensive mangrove forests in the world. You wouldnít want to Miss Sundarban at all because it is home to the spectacular Sundarban Royal Bengal tigers. You need to see these magnificent beasts before you leave Bangladesh. You can book a safari to Sundarban in Khulna. It will cost you about $30 for a trip. Pray hard before you leave for your safari, because it is not always that you can catch a glimpse of the famous resident of Sundarbanís Ė its famous tigers. Rangamati: If you are a hills and lakes person, then the best place for you to go is Rangamati in the Chittagong Hills. Rangamati is known as the Lake City of Bangladesh. The most famous Kaptai Lake is situated here. The hanging bridge is another famous landmark of the town. The area is of exceptional beauty and serenity. Do not forget to visit the Kaptai National Park, Shuvolong and the Royal Chakma Palace. There is also a tribal cultural Museum here which is worth a visit. The country has so much to offer to an offbeat tourist. There are small little gems hidden in nooks and crannies of this green land that would keep you coming back for more. Donít forget it is not very expensive to tour Bangladesh in style.

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