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5 reasons to upgrade to windows 10

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-10-26

Microsoft Windows 10 brags various new components and a strengthened configuration. There are various reasons why you ought to update your pre-10 forms to windows 10. The most stunning is the capacity to have it thoroughly free on the off chance that you are as of now utilizing Windows 7 or 8. Here are top 5 reasons why you should upgrade to windows 10. Virtual Desktops For a considerable length of time, a portion of the more-advanced Mac clients have rated the capacity to switch among a few virtual desktops much helpful. Windows 10 at long last conveys the capacity to Microsoft's desktop working framework. In Windows 10, the element is very simple to utilize; you just have to tap the desktop changing symbol on the taskbar. Microsoft Edge In no time, Internet explorer has been dumped by Windows 10 as they have introduced a whole new browser, Microsoft Edge. Individuals have investigated through the browser finding it extremely simple and easy to use. While it's still truly simple, it has a fascinating component that incorporates a per-user mode. It allows you to read and edit text on screen. With little adjustments, Microsoft Edge can be one of the best browsers introduced ever. Cortana One of the primary reasons why people should upgrade their machines to Windows 10 is that it is integrated with Cortana. Cortana is just amazingly awesome feature as it listens to every voice command and responds accordingly. If you have been using Google Now or Xbox One, you will be familiar that how it is easy to work with technology without using your hands. It can integrate with your browser and all the Microsoft products and services. Start Menu The critics in the whole circle about the Start screen in Windows 8 urged the developers at Microsoft to reintroduce the most loved Start menu. With live tiles and search bar of Cortana, Start menu has never been more easy to use. Speed The first and foremost advantage of upgrading to windows 10 is the faster speed that you will experience using your computer system. You can browse through the web and go around your PC with blazing speed and accuracy.

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