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5 jewelry items you should have this summer

mariana d.
Posted: 2015-08-13

1) Rounded, mirrored sunglasses: They look good on every face shape and will add a chic accent to any outfit. 2) An anklet: Anklets are bracelets for your ankles. Pick one with a thin, metallic chain and maybe some charms. Your legs will look delicate and fashionable at the same time. 3) Turquoise jewelry: This trend has been in a pause for the last years, but you will see it everywhere again this summer. The most covetable pieces are giant rings, ethnic bracelets and beautiful pendant necklaces. 4) A rope necklace: With an African reminiscence, these necklaces look perfect over your favorite summer dresses and tops. If you donít want to spend extra money you can find a tutorial online and make one by yourself! 5) Tassels: The perfect option if you are already tired of fringes. You can find tassel bracelets, tassel pendant necklaces, and tassel earrings. The fun part is that you can also make them by yourself easily.

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