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168 hours of fashion and elegance

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-03-04

Each year people who breathe and live fashion get together, for 7 days of fashion shows presenting the last collections of autumn winter and summer spring. During this week the most remarkable fashion designers make gala of their work. Reviewing a little about the history of this fashion event, it can be found that this tradition started on the year 1943, in New York, as a relief to the pain and cruelty of a world in war and divert the attention to the growing industry of fashion. When the war finished this successful event expand to other cities like London, Paris and Milan, also known as fashion capitals. Due to the amazing success and the positive results on people and the market, new markets joined to this tradition, now you can find fashion weeks on Brazil and Buenos Aires. From all the places, Paris is considered as the one consider as the capital of fashion, style and elegance, and is considered as a model to follow to the rest of the world, because during this week, Paris presents the better designers, the better branches, the best models and a unique natural stage. This spectacle includes parties, galas, shows with live music, great singers as guests, etc. People on this show are not only models, reporters or designers, but, big fashionists also assist, people who simply want to enjoy an excellent show and taste fashion in its fullness, assistants shoppers who wish to purchase some selected items to give a touch of renowned to its specialized stores. The truth is that during 7 days each year, people from around the world gather to enjoy the biggest fashion room with the most eccentric and amazing designs and the show of great artists of the fashion and music industry.

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