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10 ways to drive traffic to your website

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2015-08-09

The ways of driving to site have long since changed, new methods are introduced everyday but something’s always remain unchangeable. Here are a few things that will surely drive traffic to your website. Long Keywords Keywords are really important short or long they have always been the main focus of search engines to find the right page. Forum or blog Add a forum or create a blog that is active this will generate new keywords and maintain a standard ranking of your website. Social media Social media is a great way to drive traffic to your site, such as facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.. Promote your blogs If you have a newsletter or email campaigns send your latest post links to them so they stay in touch. Join other communities Join blogging communities or active forum sites related to your websites, leave backlinks there so it would drive traffic to your site. Trade links and banners Promote your site through banner ads with other high ranking websites. This will create more traffic generation. Create videos Submit your videos on youtube, share your video links with other social sites, Answer your blog posts Stay in touch with the people who frequent your site or make a guest posts. Thank them so they feel connected in a special way with your site, this will help you as they will be more active and might even share the posts on their sites and with friends. Create Interview posts Interviews and testimonials are attention grabbers on the site as people believe that this site is genuine and trust the content provided which will make them more willing to be a part of it. Make catchy heading posts Create blogs that have content such as best 10 tricks for education, or best 10 beauty secrets you never knew etc... Things which could make the user desperate enough to read and share.

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