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10 shopping hacks to save some money

mariana d.
Posted: 2015-08-10

Reality is you donít need to buy new clothes every month. You can be super trendy without compromising your budget. 1) Use a Coupon App: There exist many different apps that will make it easy for you to find coupons every time you check in at a store. And if you shop online try to get a discount code. 2) Read Reviews Before Buying: This is useful to prevent you making a huge bargain hunting mistake. 3) Avoid the Bridesmaid Dress Effect: If you need something for a special event that you know you are only going to wear once, try to borrow it from a relative or friend. Renting is also a good option. 4) Ask For a Better Discount: The worst that can happen is that you get a NO for an answer. But who knows, you might be surprised. 5) Shop at Thrift Stores in Wealthy Areas: Wealthy people sell their clothes too and you can find real treasures in there. 6) Donít Go Window Shopping: Donít tempt your pocket. 7) The One Month Rule: Wait a month. And if you still want it then buy it. 8) Pay with cash: Donít use your credit cards. People use to overspend when using credit cards because they donít see the actual money. Itís like an illusion. Using cash makes you more aware of your spending habits. 9) Host a Swap Party: If you and friends share a similar style you can get together, bring all the clothes you donít want to have anymore (they MUST be in good conditions) and swap the night away. 10) Sell your clothes: You can throw a garage sale or sell them online. Youíll have more space in your closet and more money in your pockets.

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