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10 healthy eating tips to start with new year

Fadiyah Sameh
Fadiyah Sameh
Posted: 2016-01-30

New Year comes with an opportunity to bring health back on track after the festive season. Here are some tips for a good start towards healthy eating. 1. Do not skip meals Skipping the meals do no good to the body and makes it run low on nutrients. Instead of adding health, this practice gives invitation to diseases. 2. Do not eliminate. Reduce or just play with the ingredients Reducing the amount of intake or swapping the ingredients such as sugars and excessive fats for calorie free sugars and healthier fats is always a better choice than complete elimination. 3. Go for variety, not quantity Instead of eating just one or two dishes in high amount, go for variety of food which can all together meet the overall nutrient requirement of the body. 4. Keep a track of your diet Keeping a track of what you eat might act as an eye opener so that attention can be paid and small measures can be taken well in time. 5. Befriend vegetables Vegetables are a good combination of nutrients, vitamins, fibers and calories. Try to add as many vegetable as you can in your plate as this will help in avoiding extra calories too. 6. Swapping is a smart choice Shifting to the healthier alternatives of the favorite foods such as wholegrain bread, pasta and cereals is a wise choice. 7. Fluids: the dearest friend Drinking a lot of water, at least 1.5-2l per day keeps the body metabolism in pace. Adding variety to this (with healthy juices) would be pleasant. 8. Donít hurry up! Give time for acclimatization Do not be in hurry or expect the body to be healthy in a week with the new diet that you are planning to follow. Go gradually, start by adding a little health everyday so the body gets time to acclimatize with it. 9. Eat less, but more often Taking small meals but more often helps in increasing the metabolism and keeps the body active unlike heavy meals that makes us feel sleepy. 10. Plan wisely Do not go for meals that are not easily accessible, convenient or affordable in long run. Since, eliminating them suddenly from the diet in case of unavailability can have negative impact.

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